Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Day with Em.

I get a lot of questions on pre-workout, post-workout, breakfast timing, etc... SO I figured "A Day in the Life" shindig could be helpful. I might completely bore you, and I apologize, but here is an average work day for me. I hope someone can get something out of it. :) 

There is not a day that I wake up thinking anything but the word COFFEE. I have an amazing French Press and a fantastic relationship with every barista in Denver, so after my cup of Joe, my day begins. 

This isn’t exactly a normal “diet” that I will share with you, but trust me, it works. I feel full, happy, alive, and all while keeping my 6-pack abs in check. A few years ago, I took out most of my carbohydrates like oatmeal, quinoa and whole grain bread, and replaced it with FAT. Yes, the dreaded word: FAT. I eat the egg yolks, drink grass-fed butter in my coffee instead of non-fat milk and fake sugar, and I holy crap, I really love my avocados. 

My breakfast consists of 4 pieces of well-sourced bacon, 2 pasture raised eggs, and about three handfuls of kale and spinach. I start with the bacon, add the eggs, and top off with the kale so that I can cook the greens in the pan altogether. 

Most mornings are a medley of CrossFit coaching at CrossFit Park Hill and my own personal training through Unleashed Fitness. I love the variety I have and the challenge of always mixing it up: I go from a very extreme and intense athlete to a gym newbie in seconds, and I LOVE it. If time allows between clients, I am ALWAYS working on my handstands. 

My breakfast keeps me happy for about 3-4 hours, and by the time lunch rolls around I am always prepared with usually grilled chicken breast, broccoli smothered in garlic, avocado, and plantain chips. This is when I try to guzzle a TON of water so that I am hydrating enough with all that coffee consumption. 

Another beautiful part of my job is that I work with a company here in Denver called CapLogistics. Three days out of the week I am working with their employees by either teaching fitness classes in their gym that I like to call “The Warehouse” or I am meeting them in a more one-on-one setting teaching them basic things like how to foam roll and get rid of knee pain, or WHAT to eat for breakfast on the run. I rarely have time to go to and from work, so it is absolutely PIVOTAL  to make sure I am prepared with food. 

Around 3 pm, I am ready for a little more food, or what I like to call my pre-workout. I go to my conveniently located Starbucks, get a tall bold coffee with one butter (they use grass-fed butter!) and I pair it with either a Perfect Foods Bar, Larabar, or RX Bar. I also make sure a big glass of water happens so that I stay hydrated. 

At 5 pm is ideally when I get to workout. I drive to a different box then I coach at, Front Range CrossFit, which is rare but fantastic. I have TWO communities that love and support my mission, TO BE A BADASS CROSS-FITTER. The workouts there are NO JOKE, and I usually do a very intense paced WOD (Workout of the Day) at 5, followed by weightlifting and skills at 6. I easily can be there until 7:30, and with that long of training session, I am ALWAYS prepared with food. I immediately drink my Xendurance protein shake at 6 post-WOD paired with a sweet potato that I pre-cooked, and then get right into my lifting. 

By the time I get home, I am ready for a big meal of deliciousness. Always making sure I have 5-7 oz of protein, I usually pair grass-fed beef with greens and portobella mushrooms and top off with avocado or some olive oil. It is fast and easy, and if I am smart I will make double so that I can have it for breakfast in an egg scramble! I like to eat an hour or hour and a half after my post-workout shake/potato, so quick and easy meals are kinda my thing. (Cookbook coming to you one day!!!)

Before bed, I grab my PurePharma packet of fish oil, magnesium, and D3, all that help me with recovery and better quality sleep, and off to bed I go. 

I have a pretty rad life. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Back to Bacon....

Bacon and butter- two things you shouldn't have to live without. 

What is this "paleo" way of eating? It means going back to what our bodies respond best to. Each person will be different, but I don't know one person who has taken out gluten, grains, and processed sugars out of their diet without TREMENDOUS health benefits. 

When you change your fuel source from carbohydrates, good or bad, to FATS, you have stable energy throughout the day. You feel full. You think better. You function better. You lean out. Your body feels healthy again. For me, turning paleo took away my chronic stomach issues and my terrible acne. I was sold after a week of it. 

Taking out grains, gluten, and sugar is so much easier said then done, and that's where I come in. The 21-Day Superhero Challenge is designed to make you successful and educated on WHY you are taking out grains and sugar. It is not 100% paleo, meaning dairy and legumes are still allowed, but by moderating your carbohydrates depending on your goals? You better believe you will see BIG CHANGES. From the inside out. I wish this was around when I first converted to paleo! 

Make sure to check out when the next one is. Don't miss out.

Eat clean. Get strong. Love life.


Monday, December 9, 2013

The Fucked-up-ness of Calories

Hangry: a word to describe the b-i-t-c-h state you get into when you are depriving your body because you think it's going to help you lose weight and be healthy.

Calories. Calories. Calories. 

"How many calories are in that?"

"Woah. I need to burn off these calories."

"That is SO not worth the calories..."

Sound familiar? I remember these days. 

A unit of measurement created in the 1800s has now developed 200 years later into a means of punishment. We punish ourselves for too many, we race to the gym before work to try and "run it off", and before we know it.... We spiral downward into an evil dark pit of self-loathing and guilt. 


The times are a-changing, my friends. Calories are a joke. The funny thing is, most of my client's weight loss plateaus come from eating TOO LITTLE. Under-eating is JUST AS BAD as over-eating.  Especially if you are eating shit. 

Let's take a look at a "low-calorie" food and a maybe-not-so low calorie food. 

The one on the top is pumped with ingredients to make this "low calorie health" food taste decent, if not kind of addictive. The one on the bottom is ACTUAL FOOD. Meaning no artificial, no processed, no fake bullshit. (note: It is NOT 100% paleo, but it has been great for me and I have had no weird reaction to it.)

Want to take a bet which one fills you up longer? Which one makes you feel better? Which one makes you think faster? Which one doesn't make you HANGRY? 

Back in the day I wouldn't even eat a Larabar because for it's size, it seemed "too caloric". What the f*&^?! What are we doing? It's time to stop counting calories, and time to start putting real food in your body. 

No more self-loathing. Eat real food, love your body, and feel the difference. It's just not worth being hangry. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The DAY I Went Paleo

I found this in my old files.

June 31st, 2012. The day Emily went PALEO.

A few things I noticed:

1. I couldn't remember what I looked like before I had traps. Now I know.
2. Getting rid of oatmeal and quinoa was a REALLY big deal for me.
3. My energy looks terrible, and I remember it being terrible.
4. Sorry for the way too much information about my digestion. Whoops.

Throw your shit away and get on the bandwagon.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Problem Number One.. Zzz's

I want to address Number 1 on my list of "no-no"s. Don't you worry, there will be a Number 2 and Number 3 on it's way.

Keep in mind, eating grains is my REAL Number One. Actually it is my Number ZERO. Because no one wins when you have them. (I'm so dramatic.)


Sleeping: it seems like a waste of time. If you can manage a day with 6 hours, why bother with 8? It is like showering twice in one day. No one does it, and if they do they are weird. 

8 hours. Try for it. Not only because it is my favorite number, but because this allows the process of "RESET" in your hormones. 

If you don't "RESET" your hormones? It goes much more beyond feeling tired or sluggish throughout the day. You start craving sugar, you think you are hungry when you are not, it is THAT much harder to say no to that delicious doughnut that just walked past your nose. Ever been really hungover and all you want is GREASE and TACO BELL? No? Me either.....

The hormones leptin and ghrelin get altered with limited sleep. You'll crave more. You'll want more. You'll feel bad about wanting more. You'll get in this "I-suck-at-life" guilt trip. You'll become sad. And then you'll end up eating that doughnut. 

Long story short? SLEEP 8 HOURS. Be happier. Be healthier. And most of all....... 

Unleash your inner superhero. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Get Your Ass Ready To FLY

Christmas is over and I couldn't be happier. Not because I hate Christmas and am some sort of Scrooge, but because I ate SO much sugary delicious paleo fudge that I don't know how I survived. I didn't feel very superhero-esque. 

But I survived. And it made me think..... Stop living in regret. Stop living in guilt. Our life is too damn short to hate on ourselves all the time. And my superhero is STILL somewhere in me, sugar coma-ed or not. 

Not to be too cheesy, but seriously. Think about how many times you have thought about things you wanted to change versus things you didn't want to change. Change is good, but that ratio might be a little ridiculous. I know it is for me. 

SO decide right now that you love yourself, but you just want to be a better version of yourself. A guilt free, regret free, bread free version of you. (wink wink, paleo pun) WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING INSIDE WAITING TO GET CRAY-CRAY. That moment of invincibility. That moment of awesomeness. At some point in our lives, we have all felt it. Your inner superhero is knocking. And it wants to play. 

I can't tell you how excited I am for the end of the year and the beginning of 2013. 

I have OFFICIALLY started my own personal training business. UNLEASHED FITNESS. I truly believe each person can tap into that superhero knocking and feel the sexiest, the strongest, and the best they have ever felt. It is time, in 2013, to UNLEASH YOUR INNER SUPERHERO. 

How does this help you? 

I will still be CrossFit coaching and training in Denver, but most importantly... offering paleo meal plans online. GET FREAKING EXCITED. Cuz I am. Plans for you vegetarians. Plans for those who are trying to save a few bucks with their grocery bill. Plans for those who need to gain weight. You name it, I got it. Skype consultations, recipes, the whole 9 yards. Even basic circuit workouts you can do at home all the way to a more customized month of workouts for someone really ready to sweat. Newbs to advanced, this is going to be an AMAZING 2013. 

Tell your superheroes to GET THEIR ASS READY to fly. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


So I started this blog a bit ago, but I really think I need to revisit some things. 

For instance, 

Why does bacon kick so much ass and taste so damn good? 


Are you seriously still eating bread?

My views may be dramatic, but you like my blog. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here. You also are interested in health or getting healthier to some extent. Maybe you are an athlete. Maybe you were an athlete. Maybe you just want to be sexy by Christmas, or you could just be a huge fan of The Real World Road Rules Challenge. Regardless. You are here. I have your attention. So let me begin. 


There are three main "macro" nutrients in our diet. Protein, Fats, and Carbs.

Our body is not made to have as many carbohydrates as we consume.


Jimmy John's
Chinese take-out

Carbohydrates also =

sweet potatoes/yams

The second group is the better group, just in case you didn't catch in your years of living that pizza is absolute shit for you.

When we have more fat in our diet we function better, we feel better, we LOOK BETTER. (ding ding ding! For the win!)

Fat =

meat (red meat, bacon, all meat, yummy meat, nom nom nom)
coconut oil
olive oil
nuts, nut butters
full fat dairy (if not lactose intolerant)
grass-fed butter
........I'm drooling. I love fat. 

The quick science part for all you haters. Or lovers. I love you both...

Glucose is what all grains/carbs are ultimately broken down into. When glucose breaks down, insulin is released from our pancreas to get it to where we need it. The muscles, the brain, etc. If you are not active enough to support the use of this "energy" (NOTE the word energy) then it WILL GET STORED AS FAT. If you do this over a long period of time, you are going to become "insulin resistant" where more insulin will be needed to moderate the glucose, and your appetite will never be satiated. You'll always feel hungry and always go for sugar or a soda to get your energy levels back up. Grains and sugar also produce stress hormones. Your sleep is worse, your brain doesn't function as well, and it is really f-ing hard to lose weight. Unless you are starving yourself. Please don't do that. It is a terrible place to be. 

So. If you feel squishy, stop eating so many damn bagels. If you feel lazy and tired, eat some avocados and watch your energy sky rocket. 

Step one, download My Fitness Pal and check out your percentages of carbs:proteins:fats. And..... throw out the bread. 

Email me with questions.

sources and go-to guides: